Completion of a big project like the busway creates change and some disruption. We’re keen to be good neighbours while the work is in progress and to keep you updated so you know what to expect.

Work in progress 

Summary of Eastern Busway road work and traffic restrictions. Check for current and upcoming road layout changes and work in your area while the Eastern Busway is built.



What’s happening



Edgewater Shopping Centre


busway construction entrance to Edgewater Shopping Centre from Edgewater Drive (no entry from Tī Rākau Drive) 29 April

December 2024

Mattson Road

underground services improvements stop and go between Tī Rākau and Aurea Drive April


Mattson Road map

underground services improvements road layout change early May


Tiraumea Drive

underground services improvements road closures at night May


  • The flyover above Reeves Road Alternate Text

    A groundbreaking development is in progress in Pakūranga with the construction of a flyover that’s set to soar above Reeves Road and across Tī Rākau Drive. It’s an important part of the Eastern Busway project that will improve travel times and ease congestion in the area. Establishing this direct link between the South Eastern Highway and Pakūranga Road will help to reduce traffic along Pakūranga Road and Tī Rākau Drive, particularly during peak hours.

    Pakūranga's new connection

    Above: Pakūranga routes to use while part of Reeves Road is closed

    Part of Reeves Road in Pakūranga closes for about two years from Monday 18 March while we build the flyover above it. The closure will be from the William Roberts Road intersection to Tī Rākau Drive. The alternative routes available during the closure are shown on the static and interactive maps 

  • William Roberts Road Alternate Text

    William Roberts Road has been extended and is now open. This new route in Pakūranga turns left into Tī Rākau Drive and also connects to Cortina Place and an additional car park. The image below shows the extension of William Roberts Road while it was being built in February 2024, connecting to Cortina Place and a left turn onto Tī Rākau Drive. Drivers can also turn left from Tī Rākau Drive onto William Roberts Road. 

    William Roberts Road has been extended and is now open
  • Timeline Alternate Text

    The project timeline is a summary of the main activities on the project between now and 2027. See at a glance what’s in progress and what’s coming up in the next few years.

  • Construction approach Alternate Text

    Construction will take place in stages starting in Pakūranga between Pakūranga Town Centre and the Tī Rākau Drive Bridge and will progress towards Botany. 

    Traffic staging on Ti Rākau Drive
    Above: Traffic staging on Ti Rākau Drive
  • Facts to know during construction Alternate Text