We’re mindful that our everyday choices and actions affect the environment, and so the alliance is taking steps to ensure we reduce our impact on Earth. As part of our sustainable way of working, the team is thinking through the environmental, cultural, social and economic effects before engaging a new supplier or service provider. 

You may like to read our Sustainability Policy or Sustainability Procurement Policy

The Eastern Busway is aiming to:

  • Being a good neighbour, and supporting the community during disruption impacts and change 
  • Using resources and materials efficiently 
  • Encouraging the use of walking, cycling and public transport 
  • Protecting and enhancing the natural environment, and using innovative urban design so that people feel connected to the local area 
  • Helping the community to thrive by providing employment and training opportunities 
  • Supporting the local economy by providing opportunities for local businesses 
  • Deconstructing (disassembly and reuse or relocation of) buildings that require removal, diverting waste from landfill

Infrastructure Sustainability Council

The project team is using the Infrastructure Sustainability Council’s ratings tool to help ensure the environment will be protected during design and construction. Further details regarding the Infrastructure Sustainability Council ratings can be found here:

Thriving Communities

The alliance understands that construction of the Eastern Busway will have an impact on the community of East Auckland. We are working closely with Auckland Council, AT staff, Elected Representatives, Howick Local Board, mana whenua, ministerial departments, diverse cultural and interest groups, business and residents' associations, places of worship, schools and media to ensure the construction of the project is carried out with the least possible disruption. 

We are keen to ensure that residents and businesses continue to thrive while the project is being built, and that the community can look forward to experiencing the benefits of the busway when it is finished.

An alliance team member and a primary school aged child are digging small holes in a garden using spades. A group of children are watching in the background.

Alliance team members and children from local primary school planting bio-pots at the school, September 2022.

Thriving Communities video

This video gives an insight into the project team’s support of the local community and commitment to working in a sustainable way.

Our sustainability focus areas are below.

Two primary school aged children and an alliance team member are squatting down and planting a bio-pot together.

Alliance team member and children from local primary school planting seedlings in biodegradable pots at the school, September 2022.

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