The Eastern Busway will connect Botany, Pakuranga, and neighbouring suburbs to the rail network in Panmure. 


  • 12km of safe and separated walking and cycling routes
  • 5km of busway between Pakuranga and Botany fully separated from other traffic 
  • 5 new bus stations with quality facilities 
  • Reeves Road Flyover reducing vehicle congestion around Pakuranga Town Centre 

Eastern Busway map between Pakuranga and Botany

Map showing busway starting from outside Pakuranga Town Centre and travelling down the centre of Ti Rakau Drive until it reaches Gossamer Drive when it moves to the lefthand side of the road and crosses Pakuranga Creek on a new bridge. The bridge goes behind China Town into Burswood suburb. The busway continues behind businesses on Torrens Road and then exits around Bunnings and travels across Burswood Reserve to reconnect with Ti Rakau Drive. The busway travels along the lefthand side of Ti Rakau Drive before crossing the road into Guys Reserve and travelling behind businesses at The Hub in Botany. The busway then comes out beside Te Koha Road linking up with the intersection between Te Koha Road and Te Irirangi Drive. Botany Station is indicated in the area of Botany Town Centre but the specific location is not decided. The map shows new stations at Pakuranga Town Centre, Edgewater Shops, at the end of Gossamer Drive and in Burswood. The map shows the Reeves Road Flyover, a new bridge structure allowing private vehicles to travel between Pakuranga Road and the South Eastern Highway by going over Reeves Road. The map shows a cycle path and foot path that follows most of the busway route except on a few occasions: when the busway goes behind China Town the paths will stay on Ti Rakau Drive before linking up with the Burswood Station. When the busway crosses Burswood Reserve it will travel through the park behind the Howick and Eastern bus depot before linking up to Ti Rakau Drive and crossing into Guys Reserve. In Guys Reserve the paths will travel along the west side of the park whereas the busway will go along the east.

Map of proposed Eastern Busway from Pakuranga to Botany

Project status

Timeline graphic showing three project milestones. 1. Panmure Station was completed in 2014. 2. Panmure to Pakuranga busway was completed in 2014. 3. Pakuranga to Botany busway consenting is the current stage, consenting is underway and construction starts in 2023.

More information about Panmure Station here and the busway between Panmure to Pakuranga here


Design options
How the design was developed